BDSM 101 and Beyond


Please only Begin if you are over 18.

This blog is dedicated to my inner musings. They will likely be a mix of stresses, fantasies, or itches I want to explore. I will be keeping this as a journal that you are more than welcome to read and follow. I will be writing thoughts, as well as research on each topic I choose. I hope to have different topics weekly, related to sexual experiences/thoughts, and genres of kink. I will explore every fantasy I’ve ever had, and share them with you here.

About me: I am a young woman, American, middle class, graduating from college in the near-future. I follow the rules, and am a good daughter. I love my family. I do often feel trapped in my skin. I am not a psychology student, or a gender studies student, nor do I have any experience with the infinite worlds of kink out there, as of yet. This blog is a learning experience for me. Thank you for reading the start of my first blog. I hope you continue to follow me, and explore the ‘dark side’ of your mind with me.


Shy Blackbird


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